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Washing machine smells - help?

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Jbck Sat 30-Jul-05 14:59:37

I've a Zanussi machine it's 5 years old and is on most days.
Yesterday I thought I noticed a smell coming from it and today I'm sure. thought it might be the pipes feeding into it so I used Mr Muscle sink unblocker in case it was coming from there but sink not blocked & no smell from it.
Machine is never left unused for any length of time apart from holidays & we haven't been away since May.
Please help as I think I can smell the stink on the clothes coming out of it now.

KBear Sat 30-Jul-05 15:19:38

Run a hot wash through it with no powder - that might work.

alison222 Sat 30-Jul-05 15:33:18

There was another thread like this a couple of days ago.
The advice was run it empty with soda crystals in it on hot.
Also to check the rubber seal and bleach it clean

Blondeinlondon Sun 31-Jul-05 06:47:14

try cleaning out the filter

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