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MFI Capri Kitchen Worktop or good quality laminate anyone??

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bobs Fri 29-Jul-05 21:58:00

Am in the process of installing a new kitchen - don't want orange peel effect laminate, other MFI laminates feel plasticky and aren't as hard-wearing as the one I have in now. Granite and Corian are a bit pricey (also Granite a bit hard).
So..... has anyone had a Capri worktop fitted (I'm looking at wheatfield as I don't like dark tops)
Or..... does anyone know of a better quality laminate?? Have trawled the net and come up with names like Axiom, Duropel and Resopal ....anyone???

By the way I have chopped on my laminate and put hot pans down on it and it still looks pretty good after 23 yrs though a bit tired

bobs Fri 29-Jul-05 23:30:36

anyone any thoughts???.....please!!!

bobs Sat 30-Jul-05 00:11:53

Can no-one help

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:16:18

I have an ordinary pale-ish testured laminate - about 7 years old - I wouldn't have it again, frankly, would go for granite or Corian if I could afford it. Don't know about Capri???

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:16:32

That would be textured!

bobs Sat 30-Jul-05 00:32:15

Thanks Janh - haven't been on here for a while and for a mo there thought I was being ignored
For future info capri is sold only by MFI here but has it's own website. It is half the price of Corian in that it is solid, but is only half the price! I wanted to know if there were any catches......or if someone knows of a GOOD quality laminate.

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:40:27

The one I have is supposed to be good quality but it has been sliced on the edge by an anonymous member of my family (I have a pretty good idea who the vandal is as his handiwork is all over the house...) (DS2 is 12 now but has always been unable to keep his hands off my chattels!)

He is why I would have granite given the choice. Or Corian I spose. If Capri is really as good as Corian but cheaper it sounds like a good alternative.

You want a kitchen expert though really, don't you - I am a rank amateur as you can tell!

bobs Sat 30-Jul-05 00:47:37

....And where does one find one of those (Kitchen ExpertI mean) - all the shops have their own stuff to sell and any "better quality" laminates have showrooms miles away...and with kids...and summer hols.
Oh well, might bump this tomorrow.

spub Sat 30-Jul-05 08:13:34

Dunno about this capri stuff as I've never come across it before.
We had butchers block in our last house and granite in this one. Why don't you see if which or some other independent consumer group has compared them? Google online for results?
Good luck. Kitchens are always a mare.....

bobs Sat 30-Jul-05 11:09:55

Thanks spub - have tried finding comparisons sites bu no luck...grrrrrrrr

bobs Sat 30-Jul-05 13:32:55

bump agin!

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 10:19:03

Anyone out there today fancy discussing kitchen worktops???

Tinker Sun 31-Jul-05 10:34:47

Right, know nothing of this but we need to do up the kitchen and need new work surfaces. How much is this stuff? Do MFI fit it? Would they fit it if don't do rest of kitchen? Am only asking because fitting instructions look complicated and could be botched up!

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 11:07:16

Okay Tinker - if you buy from MFI they will give you a quote for fitting anything they supply (£1600 for 20 units in my case). You don't have to take it if you have your own fitter, but according to other messages on here if anything goes wrong ie wrong units/missing bits, their fitters can sort things out much much quicker - apparently customer care is a nightmare!
Anyway, then the fitter comes to your house and discusses any extras with you - ie anything else such as sockets, ovens, anything you have bought elsewhere - this is between you and him and apparently this is where they make their money as MFI don't pay them much!
Work surfaces vary vastly - I'm currently looking at a laminate called Duropal but my closest showroom is an hour away .
Hope this helps

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 11:08:44

If all you're looking at is worktops, get a local joiner to fit them

Tinker Sun 31-Jul-05 16:14:38

Thanks bobs. I was wondering how much the Capri stuff is really. Just putting new doors on kitchen units (eventually. Have had them for over a year now!)

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 17:00:15

For 2m £412 (light colours) £472 (dark) - but do not go for the starlight - the salesman said they've had loads of problems with showing up scratches etc! Now you might see why I want to know who's already got it!
Look at - it's all there!

Tinker Sun 31-Jul-05 17:01:34

Cheers. Have looked just couldn't see any prices.

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 23:16:47

Click on Kitchens, then Essentials, then Worktops, then Capri. Prices are w/o 20% off - min spend £250 for that which shows up in basket.
I also discovered that delivery is £30 online, £60 in store

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 23:21:55

Actually the price online is £252.20 for 2m Wheatfield - must be a mistake in the brochure saying £412 though the 2 lighter colours are cheaper - big difference!

Tinker Sun 31-Jul-05 23:46:57

Ah, I was looking on the Capri site!

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