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shape cutters

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fairydust Thu 28-Jul-05 22:55:12

Anyone know of any we're online that sell different shape cutters please?

QueenOfQuotes Thu 28-Jul-05 23:00:00

this type of thing?

QueenOfQuotes Thu 28-Jul-05 23:03:00

or this sort of thing (scroll down) "Dough cutters"

Yorkiegirl Thu 28-Jul-05 23:05:17

Message withdrawn

bluesky Fri 29-Jul-05 16:54:04

can't do links but try

Hausfrau Fri 29-Jul-05 16:59:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LouiseT Fri 29-Jul-05 20:26:02

I got a huge box of 100 from John Lewis (shop though not online) for 10 quid.

janeite Sat 30-Jul-05 16:08:54

I think there is a set in the Nigella Lawson range - probably really pricey though but v pretty!

pacinofan Sun 31-Jul-05 15:05:09

Just bought a set of Nigella's, very pleased with them. Debenhams are having a 20% sale so they were reduced to £13 which made them affordable.

kikidee Sun 31-Jul-05 22:26:37

what about these?

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