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cookery book for 4 year old

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northender Wed 27-Jul-05 17:08:18

I'd like to get my 4 yo ds a cookery book with lots of photos in (not drawings). Any ideas please?

SoupDragon Wed 27-Jul-05 17:09:38

The Easy Peasy cookbooks?

SoupDragon Wed 27-Jul-05 17:10:59

Like this one (link guaranteed bat free)

northender Wed 27-Jul-05 20:21:23

thanks soupdragon. Have you used this one?

spots Wed 27-Jul-05 20:23:25

Dorling Kindersley also do a good one.

helsi Wed 27-Jul-05 20:27:37

I have one you can have for £2.50 inc p&p. It is called Step By Step Easy Cooking for boys & girls. Recipes (photos & drawings) include:

Finger Food
Special Sandwiches
Super Salads
Hot Pots of Goodness
Baked Potatoes
Meals on a stick
Super sausages
Viva pasta
Pastry Makes
Fun Flans
Scones & shortbread
Milk shakes
Cakes to bake
Just desserts

Plus "Did you know sections" such as did you know how to tell if an egg id fresh? A fresh egg will sink in water, an old egg will float!

MummyJules Wed 27-Jul-05 21:05:32

Got out a fab book from the Library called Cooking with Kids by Linda Collister - I have tried two things already and have gone down a treat. Would be happy to give you a list of what's in the book if you cat me although have just looked on Amazon and you can actually look in the book via the website... Here is the link: here

foxinsocks Wed 27-Jul-05 21:15:01

dd was just given the DK Children's Cookbook for a birthday present and we have already made 3 things in it. It's got great big realistic pictures which both of mine love. Here it is on amazon

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