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Where can I buy a money belt?

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handlemecarefully Wed 27-Jul-05 10:41:25

Ok no cheap cracks about how naff they are.

Don't want to get one on line because I need it before Sunday. Any high street shops that would do them?

QueenOfQuotes Wed 27-Jul-05 10:42:19

Boots may do one in their 'travel' bit.

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Jul-05 10:43:11

Didn't realise that they had a travel bit - will take a look. Thanks

charliecat Wed 27-Jul-05 10:43:41

morrisons have them

QueenOfQuotes Wed 27-Jul-05 10:45:27

Can't remember what section they call it, but I know most of the bigger stores have alsort of little 'gadgets' for travelling and holidays - .......mind you the last time I bought a money belt in boots was 8 years ago that must mean I'm getting old LOL as it was before I went on my Gap Year

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Jul-05 10:45:57

Do they? - well if that's a cert then I'll go to Morrisons; there is one near me (well 15 mins drive away - nothing is really near me!)

QueenOfQuotes Wed 27-Jul-05 10:46:02

Or try and outdoor shop, some of the online ones have them, so I guess offline ones probably do too.

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Jul-05 10:47:07

Yeah, I expect someone like Millets might do them.

I'll ring Morrisons and see if they have any in, and if they don't I'll drive to Southampton and pop into Boots and Millets

Skribble Thu 28-Jul-05 00:13:34

Matalan on the Travel Blue rack near suitcases in most stores. They do a thin one that goes under clothes in cream or black and various bags to go on belts. I like the neck/belt orgainiser.

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