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Books from the book people

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nutcracker Tue 26-Jul-05 18:24:18

Have just ordered some books from them from out of the sale. They were £2.50 each or 3 for £3.99.

Most were for ages 5 or older but there is quite a choice.

I love a bargain so thought i'd share it

charleepeters Tue 26-Jul-05 18:25:58

Not about books but i got a bargin at tesco yesterd ay i got.

1x pair of mens shorts
1x 2 pack babys shorts
2x womens strap tops
1x womens shorts
1x ladies cap
1x baby hat

on sale my total was................£8.95

littlerach Tue 26-Jul-05 19:09:59

Well, at Matalan I picked up a winter coat for dd1, navy blue, like a parka with for on the hood. The label said half price but there was no original price and a £3 sticker had been put on. So we went to pay........£1!!! I am still in shock, this was my first visit to Matalan, I spent £10 and bought 2 bikinis for me also, and a cardi for DD1.

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 19:11:30

Can you order from the book people online? My mum always gets books for my dd from when they leave books at her work.

Did you get my cat nutty? Hope i didn't offend you!!!

MaloryTowers Tue 26-Jul-05 19:11:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helsi Tue 26-Jul-05 19:14:38

THey do have a website but it is unavailable at the moment.

MaloryTowers Tue 26-Jul-05 19:19:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigdonna Tue 26-Jul-05 20:39:19

we love the book people i got 12 books for me and 16 for a friend in the sale.

Millie1 Tue 26-Jul-05 21:37:15

Somebody posted a few weeks ago that they are doing The Dinner Lady for around £7 ... they charge something like another £7 to deliver to Northern Ireland !!!!! How can they justify that??

bigdonna Wed 27-Jul-05 15:44:03

if you spend over £25.oo you get p+p free,not sure about NI mind.

nutcracker Thu 28-Jul-05 12:17:56

My books have been dispatched so hopefully will be here soon.

Now do I keep them as pressies for xmas or give them to the girls now ??

Swiper - Yep I got it but only read it today am crap at remembering to check emails. No i wasn't offended at all, it was really nice of you, thankyou.

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