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help me find wooden Venetian blinds for the new place!!

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sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:32:32

I have the size of the windows but not the drop so was thinking wooden Venetian Blinds would look nice and would go with the modern look we want. I need 3x60cm, 5x120cm and 2x180cm. This is going to cost a lot and I need some help finding cheap ones...

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:33:33


Enid Tue 26-Jul-05 16:34:34

Ikea are the best around for the price IMO

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:35:14

its getting there, I have had a look on their site, but I don't go up there.

Moomin Tue 26-Jul-05 16:36:16

Next also have some

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:37:15

a 120 x 155cm drop from Ikea is £21 90

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:37:56

just priced it up on argos and its about 200pounds

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:38:08

The 250cm drop is £42 is I think.

they're generally very expensive.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:39:03

Ikea don't have a 180cm version though.

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:39:08

bugger might have to forget that one then........ can't afford that

Enid Tue 26-Jul-05 16:39:28

with that kind of saving you could go on a mini-break to Ikea and still save money

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:40:55

i think ikea's prices and argos' are generally the same, bum

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 17:15:12

are the metal/plastic ones ok, or will they look cheap??

CountessDracula Tue 26-Jul-05 17:17:07

Buy some muslin (v cheap) from local fabric shop and tack it up, then get the wooden ones from Ikea as and when you can afford them. TBH £200 for all those blinds is pretty good I think - much cheaper than curtains.
Plastic would look horrid

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 17:23:14

I really want the wooden blinds, might get the front room, downstairs loo our bedroom and ds room before we move as they are at the front of the house, and then get the rest later on, though Ds's room has two windows......... arrghhhh!!

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 17:26:31

I find they don't cut out as much light as dark curtains. I'd be reluctant to use them in a child's room for this reason.

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 17:30:51

I want curtains over the top IYKWIM, but as I have no idea how deep the windows are, I don't know if my curtains will fit, so thought blinds would be a good idea as they have a large drop. and I can get curtains later on, or put mine up if they fit

mancmum Tue 26-Jul-05 17:40:48

we have just got some on ebay - new - 165 x 122 sold wood for 60 quid... search on there...

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 18:41:06

looked on ebay, still expensive...

vickiyumyum Tue 26-Jul-05 18:48:30

in our old house i used to have them in all the windows as it was anew house and i thought that they looked good, but they are a bugger to dust especially if you have them in all the rooms and like our old house two of the bedrooms had two windows! thats a lot of blinds to dust! tbh i went off of them in the bedrooms as from the outside i felt that our house looked like an advert for hilarys' blind (where we got them from vv expensive would never buy from there again although they were made to measure)

in the new house we just have them in the lounge and as it was such a big window but split into three sections i brought the blinds from b&q 2x 60cm wide and one 120cm wide and they were really cheap about £60 for the three, may even have been less. i still hate them though, too much dusting especially now we don't have a cleaner. but i hate nets even more!

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 18:52:59

hate nets too, had them when we first moved here but removed them, I have a translent blue blind in the living room, a roman blackout blind in dd2's room, and a blackout blind in dd1 and ds room, I have a piece of fabric in my room with flowers stitched on. But I want something nice for the new house

vickiyumyum Tue 26-Jul-05 18:56:22

roman blinds look much nicer imo you can get some really nice volie (sp?) ones with lovely designs in the pattern of the fabric. i wish i had gone for those instead of venetian blinds.

i think they look v classy and you don't have to dust them (to be honest probably my main reason for wanting to change them) and aparently they are very easy to make jsut need a sewing machine and, material, bamboo or dowling, cord and velcro. just another of those jobs that i have been meaning to get round to doing.

vickiyumyum Tue 26-Jul-05 18:57:01

all your blinds in your house now sound very nice!

serah Tue 26-Jul-05 19:03:39

I needed a blind for a wide window which Ikea didn't go up to, and was getting quotes of £200 plus. Then some kind salesman told me about this website and I got it for about £60 I recall. Don't know how the narrow ones compare to Ikea prices tho

sparklymieow Tue 26-Jul-05 19:04:59

DD2's blild is shocking pink with silver stars on it, its beautiful, and the one in my room is voile, I also have roman blinds in the toliet and bathroom, and I have some papery ones in the kitchen.

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