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Baby monitors - which manufacturer has the largest range ?

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wickedstepmother Sun 29-Jun-03 19:03:00

I'm getting married in less than 4 weeks time and we need to purchase a pair of baby monitors so that we can keep an ear on 10 month old DD who will be sleeping in our hotel room during our reception (at same hotel obv!). We need digital monitors for a good sound quality and we'll also need one that has a good range (100m plus). Maws do some that are 100m but I think that we'd need a little more, the hotel has no baby listening service so that's out.


Jzee Sun 29-Jun-03 19:17:07

I recently bought a Phillips Digital from John Lewis which covers around 300mts although it was expensive £120.00 it can also be used abroad and you can also talk to the baby.

Crunchie Mon 30-Jun-03 13:01:22

I would borrow one if you can. If you don't normally use one, and just need it for one night. I lend mine out occassionally, but then I never use it!

codswallop Mon 30-Jun-03 13:21:23

talk to the baby!! LOL. My sons would LOVE that!

Jzee Mon 30-Jun-03 13:33:58

codswallop - maybe you should get one then!

expatkat Fri 25-Jul-03 22:25:11

Reviving this. Any other ideas for a supersonic fab long-range monitor--perhaps one that doesn't cost £120?

wobblymum Sat 26-Jul-03 12:48:52

I've seen some of the Phillips ones on eBay from time to time - new ones that are leftover stock etc etc, but for much less than £120.

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