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ISOFIX - can somebody tell me more please?

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dejags Tue 26-Jul-05 10:18:24

Our new car has Isofix fittings. Believe it or not the car salesman knew nothing about it or how it is used (nothing like living in Africa ).

I know I could browse for more info but thought I'd ask on here first.


dejags Tue 26-Jul-05 10:42:10


anchovies Tue 26-Jul-05 10:45:15

As far as I know it just means your car has some metal hooks that are part of the car that a car seat can be attached to. They are under the back seat at the point where the back joins the bottom. We got an britax isofix car seat a couple of years ago as it was rated the safest in the Which and AA car seat tests. Quite expensive but they are very easy to fit and you know that they are in right which is something I was never sure about with our previous seat.

matnanplus Tue 26-Jul-05 11:29:32

As Anchovies said, it is built into the car's framework so it's much safer than using seat belts to hold a car seat in position as it will not loosen or need checking once seat is in it's in until released and it is very easy to use, also isofix car seats can also be used in other cars by using the seat belt.

Hope this helps.

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-05 21:45:47

Not suprised the car salesman had no idea. Our experience so far is that they rarely do, and I have had to check for the fittings myself, as they haven't known where to look!

The others have explained what they do

We have a second stage Britax Isofix car seat, and also a Jane booster chair isofix seat. So safe, and really quick and easy to fit. I would certainly recommend them.

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