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Casserole pan ...

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Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 17:18:08

Can anyone recommend a good casserole dish. Using a smallish round Le Creuseut at the moment (maybe 20-24cm) and it's just tooo small for 4-6 people. Somthing suitable for oven & hob - maybe analon? Any suggestions are all they all much of a muchness? TIA

okapi Mon 25-Jul-05 17:19:12

we use meyer analon pans

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 17:23:27

I've got one of their stockpots Okapi and they're great cos sooo easy to clean. Just wondering whether much difference between analon & stainless steel when it comes to the crunch? Advs of one over the other etc. Heck, you'd think I was buying a car, not a casserole pan!!

purpleturtle Mon 25-Jul-05 17:24:43

I've got a flameproof pyrex one which is pretty good.

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 17:26:38

purpleturtle ... probbably a dumb question but can you use it on the hob??

okapi Mon 25-Jul-05 17:26:54

see here

5th pic down:- we've got the shallow one and the deep one

we have pyrex ones as well, but you can't use them to brown the meat obviously. Have never tried Le Creuset

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 17:34:59

Thanks Okapi ... and a brilliant website. Have to do kids dinner but shall have a proper look later!

Aero Mon 25-Jul-05 17:37:14

I have the bigger le creuseut which serves six easily. Got in a sale and wouldn't be without it! They are expensive normally though.

purpleturtle Mon 25-Jul-05 18:26:10

Yes you can use it on the hob - but only because it's a 'flameproof' one. Not just any old pyrex casserole dish, you know

okapi Mon 25-Jul-05 18:28:06

crosse dpost with you pt - yet we only have ordinary pyrex

Twiglett Mon 25-Jul-05 18:31:52

how about a bigger oval le creuset (I love mine) check amazon they usually have half-price deals

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 18:57:02

Thanks all ... after 13 yrs of Le Creuset I simply fancy a change!!

cadbury Mon 25-Jul-05 19:00:24

Well if you are thinking of getting rid of any le creuseut . . . [covet covet ]

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-05 19:08:58

Truly, I don't think you'd want it ... it's seen better days

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