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ergo carriers - urgent!

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Stilltrue Mon 25-Jul-05 13:49:50

I've seen these on various websites and thought I'd get one to take on holiday (less bulky than our framed babybackpack). Does anyone know where in London - north if possible - I can buy one?
This is a hasty decision on my part. We're going away on Wednesday!

slim22 Mon 25-Jul-05 13:52:48

I was also looking for one, but none in the shops in London.
I'm afraid you have to order through internet!!
have a nice holiday.

Stilltrue Mon 25-Jul-05 16:29:10

slim22 - thanks for the advice, but aaargh!! I was sure there was bound to be a shop somewhere fairly near!

bensmum3 Mon 25-Jul-05 19:19:23

I have an ergo for sale, are you going abroad ?

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