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meggymoo Mon 25-Jul-05 13:00:42

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Mon 25-Jul-05 15:14:48

Message withdrawn

roosmum Mon 25-Jul-05 15:19:04

hi mm,

i like your bargain lamps...but i got one in m&s last week for.....


& i actually really like it, it's sitting happily in lounge right now

meggymoo Mon 25-Jul-05 15:20:32

Message withdrawn

roosmum Mon 25-Jul-05 15:24:32

i got some lovely simple glass bathroom scales reduced from 45 to 15 quid - also m&s. & some fab clothes for ds, much nicer than rubbish in next sale this time.

got a good nose for bargains

meggymoo Mon 25-Jul-05 15:25:36

Message withdrawn

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