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Baby Sun Tan Lotion

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Janbo25 Sat 23-Jul-05 15:21:56

Please can people let me know what is the best lotion to use on babies??

serenity Sat 23-Jul-05 15:27:10

Mothercare do a factor 50 block that's suitable from birth.

Janbo25 Sat 23-Jul-05 15:28:34

whats the consistency like?

Micku5 Sat 23-Jul-05 15:39:13

Hi, I use Ambre Solaire SPF50+ for my dd or the Nivea children's one which is coloured so you can see where it goes.

serenity Sat 23-Jul-05 15:39:19

Quite thick, it will keep its shape on your hand, but it rubs in easily. A bit like E45, but smoother.

Berries Sat 23-Jul-05 16:00:48

I always use the banana boat stuff, because it didn't affect dds skin. Nivea was awful. I do know other people who swear by it though - bit of trial and error really. BTW BB is cheap at Costco at the mo (no - I'm not on commission)

Janbo25 Sat 23-Jul-05 18:38:08

my ds as eczma which is best for sensitive skin

Micku5 Sun 24-Jul-05 17:37:42

Janbo, there's an article in NOW magazine on suncreams which covers dry, sensitive and children skin. It also gives a list of different products and prices. HTH

WestCountryLass Sun 24-Jul-05 21:14:11

I use a Hawaiian Tropic sun cream on my baby called Baby Faces, it is the only one that does not irritate her eyes as I had a nightmare when we went abroad and every cream made her eyes stream.

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