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Clothing on tinternet?

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Donbean Fri 22-Jul-05 18:54:39

Ive got a wedding in August and need something nice to wear.
Can any one recommend a website?
Ive gone on the NEXT website but its all Autumn/Winter stuff which is no good.

vickiyumyum Sat 23-Jul-05 16:03:04





Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 16:06:21

is that as in flat cap and pigeons?


BigBumpBonnie Sat 23-Jul-05 16:08:26

hi donbean, sorry to hijack your thread but sent you an email this morning but don't know whether you got it or not as my msn has been playing up. I am now locked out of my account so can't get into my emails at all. Very annoying! Hopefully will get back on over the weekend, but it was just to say Tuesday is fine for me and A (obviously weather dependant). Also my recommendation for clothing online is Ebay as well. You can get brand new stuff on there really cheaply.

Other than that you can brave the Next Summer Sale!

now if you were looking for maternity clothes I know loads of places .....

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