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handcream for men

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flamingo Fri 22-Jul-05 07:52:46

can anyone recommend a good man's handcream? dp does a lot of gardening and needs handcream, but the one he currently has I can't stand the smell of! (it's body shop hemp) He's promised to swap if I can find him another one that's as good.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 22-Jul-05 08:03:36

we like nivea here, the blue tub....

vkone Fri 22-Jul-05 08:04:10

I'm not sure if it counts as a man cream but the best I've ever tried was Crabtree and Evelyn's gardner's hand cream. It's got lanolin in it but soaks right into the skin with out a greasy residue and I don't remember it smelling too bad (I hate perfumes and greasy creams, so this must have been good to leave an impression!)

fee77 Fri 22-Jul-05 08:31:48

Lush "helping hands" is really good, but i can't remember what it smells of.

Micku5 Fri 22-Jul-05 09:10:42

Have you tried Neutrogena Hand cream, unscented for dry chapped hands. That's the only hand cream that dh will use as it's unscented and doesn't leave greasy hands afterwards.

Kayleigh Fri 22-Jul-05 09:14:39

I use the body shop hemp handcream - the smell isn't brilliant is it ? but it goes after a minute and it is definitely the best handcream I have used.

DaddyCool Fri 22-Jul-05 09:38:34

the very best is Clarins (for men) Active Hand Care. It's completely non-greasy and smells nice. i saw it in selfridges for about £10.

DaddyCool Fri 22-Jul-05 09:39:39

...the clarins stuff is a little poshy poofy if he's using it after gardening. i use neutregena unscented. it's a little greasy but i works really well.

gossifer Fri 22-Jul-05 09:44:11

my dp is a gardener so you can imagine what his yhands are like! he uses crabtree & evelyn, its yummy and works

NotQuiteCockney Fri 22-Jul-05 09:45:47

Another vote for Neutrogena unscented. It's really lovely and thick.

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