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apple juice concentrate

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Zerub Wed 25-Jun-03 19:34:43

I have a load of healthy recipes for cakes and things for babies that use apple juice concentrate instead of sugar. Now it seems like a good idea to use these (so I can feed my vegetable-refusnik dd lots and lots of carrot cake), BUT - what is apple juice concentrate and where do I buy it?! I did a search on Tesco online and it didn't come up.


Enid Wed 25-Jun-03 19:42:18

I spot someone making the recipes from the What to Expect book!

I bought apple juice concentrate from my health food shop.

anais Wed 25-Jun-03 19:42:49

Isn't it just apple juice? Hmmmmm...someone must know...

Sorry, not much help am I?

XAusted Wed 25-Jun-03 20:30:28

No, it's not just apple juice. As Enid says, you can find it in health food shops. Holland and Barret stock it. You can buy several varieties, not just apple. It is very concentrated so you can dilute it to drink it or use it neat as a sweetener. I think Meridian is the most widely available brand. About 3 pounds something for a litre (???) but a little goes a long way.

aloha Wed 25-Jun-03 20:38:50

They stock it in my Sainsbury's - I think

Zerub Wed 25-Jun-03 20:39:38

Aha! Didn't think of Holland and Barret. Will try them. (I did think of just simmering some apple juice for ages but seems like too much effort, and I didn't know about quantities!).

Haven't actually made any of the recipes in the What to Expect books cos they all seem to want the concentrate - but dd is refusing everything but finger food (and not veggies) so the need for LOTS of carrot cake is pressing!

Enid Wed 25-Jun-03 21:12:41

zerub, thats exactly why I bought some - I made that cake thats got loads of stuff in, cheese and fruit, can't remember what it was called, and gave it to dd1 when she would only eat finger food. It was fairly popular.

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