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Nokia phone - how do I know which model I've got

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Easy Thu 21-Jul-05 12:00:18

I upgraded about 3 months ago, nothing wizzy, just a free upgrade on my existing contract.

Anyway, I want to get a car loudspeaker thingy for it, but can't remember what model I've got. Is there a way I can find out, so I can look online for a hands-free thingy?

starshaker Thu 21-Jul-05 12:01:38

go to the nokia website and have a look or email me a pic and i will prob know (had so many phones lol)

misdee Thu 21-Jul-05 12:03:22

take thye back and battery off. on the nokia stiucker insiede it may tell you.

Easy Thu 21-Jul-05 12:08:56

Right apparently it's a 2600. Anyone know where I can get an inexpensive in-car dooobrie?

BTW I don't want one that you have to stick in your ear!

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