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we need a pink mini

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lucykatie Wed 20-Jul-05 23:04:15

we are looking for a mini fridge but it has to be pink, and a good price.

any ideas would be sooooo helpfull.

jampots Wed 20-Jul-05 23:08:28

a retro sort or scary Barbie pink?

lucykatie Wed 20-Jul-05 23:09:25

oh it has to be..............barbie pink...or any kind of pink really, as long as it is pink and mini.

Miaou Wed 20-Jul-05 23:09:43

Intrigued...why does it have to be pink?

Easy Wed 20-Jul-05 23:09:49

WHY does it need to be pink?

sorry just curious

MarsLady Wed 20-Jul-05 23:10:05

have you tried Woolies? They've got lots of pink goods at the moment and I'm sure I saw a mini fridge.

QueenOfQuotes Wed 20-Jul-05 23:10:41

here ???

trefusis Wed 20-Jul-05 23:10:59

Message withdrawn

jampots Wed 20-Jul-05 23:11:33


QueenOfQuotes Wed 20-Jul-05 23:13:22

or this one

lucykatie Wed 20-Jul-05 23:13:50

it has to be pink for our dd....its her birthday and that is what she has asked for, the ones in argos are 'playboy' and as she is only 6 i draw the line!!!!!!!!!!!!

okapi Wed 20-Jul-05 23:14:25

nad here's the Debenhams one pink cooler

Easy Wed 20-Jul-05 23:14:32


Do you just spend all day (and night) doing virtual shopping? You found the scooterboard for me this afternoon.

Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-05 23:15:52

Agree with MarsLady re Woolies. I saw someone buying one on Sat - I am sure it was half price as well.

QueenOfQuotes Wed 20-Jul-05 23:15:59

Easy -

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