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Whats the best legal music download site?

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LHP Tue 19-Jul-05 19:56:24

..and what will I like when I find it??! Havent bought a proper cd for years and was a bit disconcerted to hear 3yo ds singing Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Hong Kong Garden" after rifling and playing dh's old cds! (Howw uncool ) I used to like The Fall, The Pixies, and much of what Peely used to play circa 1987 (!) ( Bogshed, Benny Profane, Nomeansno anyone???) Also a bit of aciiiid rave, hip hop or even d&b but nothing too thrusting your crotch about-y. Am seriously out of touch as you can tell and turning into r4 frump. Please help rescue me from hearing ds's Wheels on bus tapes AGAIN by telling me what is currently good! TIA

TinyGang Tue 19-Jul-05 20:02:37

Hey - nothing wrong with the Fall
Still missing Peely, sorry

LHP Wed 20-Jul-05 09:38:18

What, no-one currently attached to mp3 player with advice for me??? (Please )
TG Nothing indeed, still a big fan! "Perverted by Language" (1983?) also fave of ds! Want to broaden my horizons a bit tho!

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