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Jane Carrera Pushchair question

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Anjana Tue 19-Jul-05 11:14:38

Hi all,

A quick question about pushchairs in general. I'm expecting my first child in September and had a quick play with the Jane Carrera C pushchair today.

Overall, it looks like it fits the bill for me, though when I click the seat back to anyone of it's 5 positions it seems fairly loose - is this normal for this pushchair (and others)? ... I guess I was expecting the seat to lock in and not allow for any forward movement. The assistants working at the showroom told me that this is normal as the baby's weight would also keep the seat in place.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated

Thanks in advance :-)


vickiyumyum Tue 19-Jul-05 17:57:05

the only other buggy that i can remeber coming across this with is the inglesina zippy. which is similar in style to the jane.
that worked perfectly fine and didn't affect its use at all. so i would suggest that it will be fine!

hunkermunker Tue 19-Jul-05 17:57:58

I have this one - it's fine. DS is 15mo and doesn't sit it up when it's laid back, iyswim.

It's much lighter than the inglesina iirc.

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