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Tripp Trapp chair and dyspraxia

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Kittypickle Tue 19-Jul-05 08:27:33

I've got a 6 year old DD who has dyspraxia and as a result she finds it really hard to sit on a chair up to the table - sits on the edge, flops all over the place, leg swinging, doesn't face the right way and her dinner is two miles away from her ! I'm just watching my DS who isn't yet two and he is so much better at the whole eating thing. I was just wondering whether a Tripp Trapp or something similar might help her as I think it would put her in the correct sitting position and she'd have less chance to move. I am slightly worried that she might fall off though...... Has anyone got any thoughts on this ? Many thanks

Kittypickle Thu 21-Jul-05 18:42:06


aloha Thu 21-Jul-05 18:43:51

my ds is a floppy one too and am considering a tripp trapp too!

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