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BATHROBE FOR DH - Waffle or Egyptian Cotton Towelling ? Quick ! Help me decide...

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NomDePlume Mon 18-Jul-05 12:57:22

What would you go for ? Tempted by the waffle one, but he never dries himself properly post bath so perhaps a towelling one would be more practical...? Both are in the White Company sale and the same apart from fabric.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Mon 18-Jul-05 12:58:28

towelling - much cosier for the winter months

Lucycat Mon 18-Jul-05 13:01:22

oooh am I going to start a controversy? I prefer the waffle - bit more unusual perhaps?

although towelling IS cosy..........

lunavix Mon 18-Jul-05 13:05:07

dh loves the softness of egyptian cotton

Fimbo Mon 18-Jul-05 13:06:10

Both? - waffle for hot summer nights
- towelling cold winter nights

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