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where can i find..

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Evesmama Sun 17-Jul-05 21:13:04

double timber gates for our new house/garden.. dont seem to be able to find anyone on tinternet unless they hand carve them out of diamond wood thmselves and charge for the privelidge!

anyone..sorry i know totally uninteresting!

Frizbe Sun 17-Jul-05 21:14:28

Have you tried somewhere like Jewsons?

Pinotmum Sun 17-Jul-05 21:18:46

have you tried They do all sorts of gates from what I remember. We got a wrought iron one from them and they were v. good with delivery.

Evesmama Sun 17-Jul-05 21:43:24

cannock seem the best so far, but still quite pricy..will just have to do it the old fashioned way and scour through yellow pages in morn!

fqueenzebra Sun 17-Jul-05 22:19:03

What about Atlantic Country Superstore ?

bobs Sun 17-Jul-05 22:41:07

How about a local joiner?

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