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All in one sun protection suit

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super1971 Sun 17-Jul-05 17:36:08

i didnt buy one and now wish we had one for ds anyone know where isnt sold out of these?, mail order preferably, thanks

super1971 Sun 17-Jul-05 17:36:41

for little one not for me!

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 17:40:43

we got ours in Australia

but GLTC have them

Freckle Sun 17-Jul-05 17:41:08

Try here: cwear . They are Australian, but compare very favourably price-wise with the UK and are very good on delivery.

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 17:42:07

if you click on the links

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 17:43:53

oooooooooooooh we had some of theirs years and years ago

they are deffo brill

we got DS a T-shirt for day wear IYSWIM

Can really recommend them

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 17:44:27

I meant I was recommending C WEAR

fqueenzebra Sun 17-Jul-05 18:24:33

Have you tried Sainsbury's?

Eve Sun 17-Jul-05 18:52:12

I got some in Aldi today for £4 each for DS(6) and DS (3).

they have been wearing them in the pool all afternoon and seem fine. £4.99 each

NomDePlume Sun 17-Jul-05 18:56:51

I think the boots website a have a range..

Quite a choice here

sorrel Sun 17-Jul-05 19:04:31

M&S still have somehere

dinny Sun 17-Jul-05 19:12:45

Got Babybanz ones for ds and dd (brand new) 50+ spf on ebay (about £12, I think). had a £30 one from Blooming Marvellous for dd previously and these seem just as good.

jangly Sun 17-Jul-05 19:38:09

Got all in one sun protection swimsuit fromWoolies today £10. for 3 year old.

nannyjo Sun 17-Jul-05 19:41:25

got a two piece one from Adams for a tenner, it's long sleeve and long leg so they can wear just top or whole thing and fully covers.

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