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Hama beads?

(11 Posts)
katymac Sun 17-Jul-05 16:28:27

Cheap and on-line if possible....It's going to be a long summer holidays

Yorkiegirl Sun 17-Jul-05 16:46:23

Message withdrawn

Weatherwax Sun 17-Jul-05 16:58:39

I think have some in their 50% off toys section. Don't know how good their sets are though.

sorrel Sun 17-Jul-05 16:59:18


charliecat Sun 17-Jul-05 17:25:50

enay sells them really cheap bulk

charliecat Sun 17-Jul-05 17:26:30


katymac Sun 17-Jul-05 19:25:55

Thanks everyone - lots to look at here

nutcracker Sun 17-Jul-05 19:34:56

Boots had some in the sale on their website when I looked the other day.

katymac Sun 17-Jul-05 19:39:43

Boots have sold out now...

mumfor1sttime Sun 17-Jul-05 20:36:23

What about toys r us? Do they have online sales? Just a thought.

katymac Tue 19-Jul-05 21:28:34

Thanks they are quite cheap there

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