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HELP!! Suncream wipes........

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QueenOfQuotes Sun 17-Jul-05 16:16:22

where can I buy them??? SPF15 or above - I had some Avon ones (which I got for free last summer when a customer didn't want to take advantage of the special offer - so I ordered some for myself......and loved them). However they've just run out, and although I've got some other suncream I'd really like some more wipes as I found them really handy, and they worked for us as a family.

I've just walked all round our (small and pretty cr*p for shopping) town and tried: Morrisons, Tesco, Wilkinson, Matalan, and a few other places.......but couldn't find any.

I know Avon still do them - £8 for 25 wipes but I'd like some a bit sooner than it would take an Avon order to come through..............anyone help???

Kayleigh Sun 17-Jul-05 16:21:08

I'm sure you have - as it's pretty obvious - but did you try Boots ?

Flossam Sun 17-Jul-05 16:45:19

I've seen them in boots too.

ebbie22 Sun 17-Jul-05 16:47:02

Hiya where abouts are you?and how soon do you want them..

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 17-Jul-05 16:49:10

Hiya here they are, from AVON SUNWIPES

If you bought them now, they would be with you in a day or so.


MrsBubsDeVere Sun 17-Jul-05 16:50:42

Here are some more and the postage is £1.25 cheaper.

QueenOfQuotes Sun 17-Jul-05 17:12:32

No didn't try boots - as they don't open on Sunday here - but I looked online and couldn't find any on their website [frown]

ebbie - I'm in Wellingborough, Northants - and would like them as soon as possible really.

Thanks for those links

ebbie22 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:40:05

Send me your adress and will have a lk in my box of goodies for you,

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