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canon ixus 50 where to buy? and do the photographs when printed last as long as conventional photographs?

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shrub Sun 17-Jul-05 13:58:18

am finally going to take the plunge and buy a digital camera. when i looked into this a while ago the sales person said the paper that digital photographs are printed on only lasts 20 years - is this true for the canon ixus 50?
help please

Janh Sun 17-Jul-05 14:00:00

You can get digital pics printed on any paper, shrub - you can take the memory stick (?) into Boots or wherever and have them done like a film.

Chandra Sun 17-Jul-05 14:02:12

I didn't know about it but if it's true it will be true for most cameras as it depends on the papaer and printing process rather than in the camera. Having said that, regular photos also change coulor with time.

P.S. Steer clear from IXUS, We are on our thid one and the three of them are a disaster!

shrub Sun 17-Jul-05 14:06:50

chandra - whats the problem with ixus. i have no understanding of anything technical including my own computer!
thanks janh - so you the paper is irrelevant whatever type of camera you have?

Chandra Sun 17-Jul-05 14:14:06

Something with the batteries. We have followed their instructions religiously and still, the battery goes flat after a few pictures even if you let it charge all the night. We have tried geting new batteries and it didn't work, they started to go flat in the same manner after very few uses.
Second camera stoped working in less than a year. ANd the current one we have is having the same problem

Janh Sun 17-Jul-05 14:14:30

I think your shop person will have meant the paper you use in your printer at home - I know you can get eg Kodak photograph paper for home printers, but I don't think it's the same as the kind film processors use.

Janh Sun 17-Jul-05 14:19:07

Kodak website about digital photo printing. If there isn't enough information there you could email them with a specific query. (There is a contact us link at the top.)

shrub Sun 17-Jul-05 14:35:31


hub2dee Sun 17-Jul-05 15:54:17

Chandra - just out of interest, have you had trouble with different models of Ixus, or just one model in the family ?

I've got an Ixus 400, no trouble my end, and they consistently get good reviews, although they're not noted for their outstanding battery life, it should be more than a few hours.

It may well be an electronic fault in the camera which for some reason drains a perfectly good battery IYSWIM, rather than a faulty battery...


jenkel Sun 17-Jul-05 23:12:48

Think it is a probelm with the inks rather than the paper. I guess that home printers cant cope with the same ink that professional film processors use. But I have never thought of it as a problem as we just keep all the photos on the pc anyway, we dont print out that many.

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