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Avent bottles - a HUGE disappointment

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wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:06:18

Feeling peeved with then and I wanted to vent my frustrations so where better...

I bought these bottles before DDs birth 10 months ago as I assumed that they were very good due to the price being so high (common trap?). However, I have found them to be almost completely useless. They leak and often the teat 'collapses'. I don't fit them togther any differently when they leak to when they don't - it is pot luck. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to change DDs clothes due to the milk pouring out from underneath the white 'ring'. Has anyone else been less than impressed with these bottles ?

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 19:09:55

realLy? never probs with mine. Do you think the teats are damaged?

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:12:21

I don't think so Coddie 'cos we've been through countless teats from flow level 1 to 4. Perhaps I got a dodgy batch. It happens to my Mum and DH-2-B when they make them up too.

gingernut Sun 22-Jun-03 19:12:59

I totally agree - I found the Avent bottles leaked all over the place. I much preferred the MAWS ones, and we also liked the MAWS variflo teats.

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:13:37

Perhaps we're a bunch of fumbling imbeciles ginge !

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:14:32

I'll be going for the MAWS or the Dr Brown ones next time.

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 19:15:39

can you just use a cup now?

gingernut Sun 22-Jun-03 19:15:48

Oh well, no-one's perfect (except possibly coddie )

gingernut Sun 22-Jun-03 19:19:38

MAWS advert alert!!!

Definitely go for MAWS. They are obviusly idiot-proof (since I can use them). They also do an `in between' teat which is flatter than normal teats but fits on the same bottles. The idea is that you can start using them when you're thinking of changing to a cup because it's a sort of `halfway house' between a bottle and a cup.

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 19:19:52

Lol.. oh if only you knew!

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 19:21:40

ps i am the worst bf in the world but am STUUNNING all who know me by still doing it with ds3 at 13 weeks.

its sheer laziness.

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:26:17

My DD got her first tooth at 10 weeks so bf stopped right there !!!

DD hates drinking cups but LOVES drinking with a straw, she's pretty good at it too. Though she does just open her mouth and let it flood out if she takes more than she can manage - very attractive and ladylike, I think you'd agree !

hewlettsdaughter Sun 22-Jun-03 19:29:06

Hi, not helpful I know, but I was surprised at your message too, wickedstepmother. Avent bottles worked really well for us - I don't remember them leaking at all. I wonder if they have changed the design recently? (we were using them a couple of years ago). Or maybe you're right, you did get a bad batch of bottles/teats?

SoupDragon Sun 22-Jun-03 19:39:31

Out of interest, are you sure you're not using the Avent disposable system teats with the standard bottle or vice versa? that's the only time I had a leaking problem with Avent bottles.

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 19:43:18

Positive Soupie. I've no idea why they leak but it's not just me having this prob !

PamT Sun 22-Jun-03 20:42:53

I used avent for all of my 3. I eventually worked out that they started to leak when the teats were older and had softened. When you put them together you have to pull the teat through the collar and make sure that the little rim clicks into position. Then put the cap on before you screw it onto the bottle. If the rim of the teat isn't seated into the white collar properly it can collapse or leak. The teats are designed to allow air into the bottle when the baby is drinking so presumably it is this gap that is causing the leak, sometimes just turning the bottle can help a bit if you are experiencing leaks.

I don't know if the method of sterilisation or washing affects the life of the teats but it might be worth your while trying a new set just in case.

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 20:46:06

so its just YOU WSM!

SoupDragon Sun 22-Jun-03 20:49:04

No - Gingernut had the same problem, Coddy.

SoupDragon Sun 22-Jun-03 20:50:03

Pay attention...

codswallop Sun 22-Jun-03 20:54:02

Old Ginge...

monkey Sun 22-Jun-03 21:11:16

I've used the same lot of avent bottle & teats with my 2 (probably shouldn't have, but they semed fine, so didnn't chuck & replace), and not once, with the 2 babies did I have a leak.

Not showing off, honest, just curious. Maybe you've got a dodgy batch. But I was wondering what you said about the white ring? Maybe your are different, but my teats were colourless. There were white sealing discs, to use without teats, so the bottle was a jar, so to speak - you didn't use the white bit together with the teat. Could this be the problem?

This time round (currently pg) I probably will splask out on another set, & will probably go for glass, not plastic bottles, but not looked into it yet.

SoupDragon Sun 22-Jun-03 21:12:56

I think WSM means the white plastic ring you put the teat into.

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 21:20:28

Sorry yes I do, monkey. I mean the little white screw on 'necks' that hold the teat in place.

gingernut Sun 22-Jun-03 21:44:53

Well, WSM, looks like we're in the minority. Someone must've seen us coming and got out the dodgy batches specially for us. Ho hum. I don't care what the others say, I'm not using Avent ones again (for ds's mythical sibling, that is...)

wickedstepmother Sun 22-Jun-03 21:49:13

I'm with you ginge. A few other friends with babies have had the same problems with their Avent bottles too. I'm sure that I'm not THAT much of a pleb ! Will avoid Avent like the plague for DDs (also mythical) sibling.

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