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Bushbaby cocoon carrier - instructions anyone?

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popsycal Fri 15-Jul-05 23:06:10

I won one of these in a MN compettion abotu a year ago and have just remembered!!! I can't find the instructions and there arent any online....

Anyone got one?

popsycal Sat 16-Jul-05 09:04:27


swiperfox Sat 16-Jul-05 09:28:08

This might help you a bit - it's not exact instructions but shows how it's worn.....

Really nice carrier!!

swiperfox Sat 16-Jul-05 09:29:51


popsycal Sat 16-Jul-05 09:30:39

thanks swiper....the cocoon instructions arent in there though


swiperfox Sat 16-Jul-05 09:33:54

Hmm....didn't notice that! Is it work-out-able(?!) from the 'detailed view' picture?

popsycal Sat 16-Jul-05 09:34:14

it shold be fne thanks

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