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Buzz Lightyear bedroom for ds.......where can I buy it from?

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collision Fri 15-Jul-05 14:58:25

DS1 is 3 and would like a Buzz bedroom when we move back to the UK.

I think I will paint the room blue and white and have plain curtains so that when he has grown out of Buzz it doesnt cost me a fortune to re-do his room.

I think I would like some wall stickers and a lamp and a quilt cover. Any ideas where I can get this and do you have any other ideas?

starlover Fri 15-Jul-05 15:00:29


TrophyWife Fri 15-Jul-05 15:00:38

try either homebase, b&q, woolworths or even ebay..
here you go

starlover Fri 15-Jul-05 15:00:49

all you could possibly need!

Milliways Fri 15-Jul-05 15:00:56

We will be upgrading DS's room this summer & getting ris of:

2 reversable Buzz/Woody Duvet covers & pillowcases.

1 Pair Buzz curtains
1 lampshade
1 Bin

When are you coming back & whereabout to? Maybe able to help out?

collision Fri 15-Jul-05 15:03:19

Milliways.....we will be moving to Cheshire I think. Where are you and how much do you want for the things?

collision Fri 15-Jul-05 15:05:11

Meant to say thanks everyone.....that was quick! Great link Starlover!

Milliways Fri 15-Jul-05 15:06:34

We are in Reading. (Also have a framed picture on wall Buzz/woody). Haven't thought about it until saw this except DS has birthday in August, will be 10 & seriously outgrowing Buzz etc - he's ok with it but friends to tea etc etc. I would have thought no more than £10 the lot, but wopuld be heavy to post (curtains etc).

Going to school pick up now - back later.

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