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Buying a pc - where to look?

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lisalisa Thu 14-Jul-05 13:05:50

Message withdrawn

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 13:07:07

Dell. Definitely the cheapest! They supply all of our PC's and Laptops at work.

Dell Website

hunkermunker Thu 14-Jul-05 13:07:46

Would second Dell. They're great.

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 13:08:40


hunkermunker Thu 14-Jul-05 13:49:12

No, not Mesh. No no no no no!

Got my first PC from them. They delivered a fecking Italian hamper instead of the fecking monitor!!! I kid ye not.

They were lame lame lame. Really lame.

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 13:55:16

no complaints here

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 14:53:03

Dell by a country mile.

dramaqueen72 Thu 14-Jul-05 14:56:06

used to say Dell-but then they shipped the helplines out to India and have recieved such bad bad press for customer service since, so now I second Fishfinger with MESH, no complaints here either

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 14:58:50

When did they ship the helpline to India? It was in Ireland a year ago?

dramaqueen72 Thu 14-Jul-05 15:02:39

um, dont know but has honestly been on watchdog type programs about it....will ask dh when he comes home( for not knowing exactly when)

SenoraPostrophe Thu 14-Jul-05 15:05:13

if you don't care about haveing the latest latest gaming type hardware, the PC world are about the same price as dell these days.

why does it have to be the latest model and what software do you need to install on it?

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 15:10:18

As someone who has worked in IT support for ten years, I seriously warn anyone against buying a pc from PC World. Dell are cheaper, will fix any problems easily in the first year and are generally better quality. The staff at PC World still don't have a clue what they are selling, they just read off the card.

The faster and more powerful PC you can afford, the longer it will still be able to run programs now and in the future. Windows and Suites like Office use up a lot of memory and processing power, not just games.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 14-Jul-05 15:17:23

depends on the branch though, hd.

also the price differential between this year's model and last year's is not worth the extra year you might get imo.

My only advice would be to buy either pentium or the new more expensive AMD chip (can't remember what it's called) - not the cheaper versions made by the same companies. A 2.5Gb pentium is better than a 3Gb celeron.

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 15:22:20

Really? I've never found a PC World with any clue at all.

I agree, steer clear of Celeron they are a false economy.

sansouci Thu 14-Jul-05 15:28:06

Yeah, Dell's good. Just make sure you never have to call them after they've delivered the goods. You have to spend hours on the phone on hold and/or being passed from 1 dept to another.

lisalisa Thu 14-Jul-05 15:50:48

Message withdrawn

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 15:54:48

Dell don't sell in shops anymore, as the advert says "just call or go online".

HappyDaddy Thu 14-Jul-05 15:55:42

Compaq (now HP) are very good but you get a lot less for your money. Similar to choosing an Audi over a Ford, you know what you'll get.

dramaqueen72 Thu 14-Jul-05 15:56:38

lisalisa, -dell, mesh, evesham all similar and all make to order and you can pick out what you need online, just not pc world or similar as 99% of the staff have no clue about any of it

lisalisa Thu 14-Jul-05 16:15:41

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Thu 14-Jul-05 16:18:34

I can recommend Dell - especially if you go to Dell Outlet (their "already built or returned" stuff - vast majority when people ordered a PC, then it was built, then they changed their mind before even receiving it) - can get really good bargains.

lisalisa Thu 14-Jul-05 16:20:08

Message withdrawn

bundle Thu 14-Jul-05 16:21:50

georgina where is dell outlet?

GeorginaA Thu 14-Jul-05 16:23:25

lisalisa: normally (at Dell, say) you can choose the exact specification. So you can choose the exact monitor you want, what size harddrive, the type of graphics card you want, how much memory you need, whether you want a CDROM re-writer or a DVD/CD drive or both... etc.

At Dell Outlet, someone else has already chosen the spec for you (and then changed their mind) so Dell sell it off cheap as most people want to customise to exactly what they want. Does that make sense?

bundle Thu 14-Jul-05 16:24:29

is it online though? or in a shop?

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