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Cot Bedding

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bellomum Thu 14-Jul-05 09:03:22

I continue to be confused about what to get for the cot. Baby will not be sleeping in it for a few months (using a moses basket) but I'd like to get the cot set up. Anyone use John Lewis bedding? Is it good? Fitted sheet (over waterproof mattress cover), flat sheet? Blanket? Recent sales person at JL told me to use cellular blanket but I thought one isn't supposed to use blankets early on, but a grobag or something.

It's all very confusing...thanks in advance.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 14-Jul-05 09:07:17

Jess has a fitted sheet, a little duvet that she lays on with a gro bag.

in the early days, it was just a cellular blanket but she kept wriggling hence the gro-bag idea!


charleepeters Thu 14-Jul-05 09:08:42

Ds didnt personally like the grow bag but i know hundered of babys who do! He liked being swadled - he had a fitted sheet and then was swaddled in a celular blanket.

MumsRCool Thu 14-Jul-05 12:08:54

DS didn't like the Growbag either (beautiful one that I had bought in France before DS was born) so we used fitted sheet and swaddled him in a cellular blanket. Now he kicks off all blankets even when asleep so am thinking he may be a nudist when he groes up

alux Thu 14-Jul-05 17:09:12

fitted sheet. still swaddling at 12 wks her in a 100% cotton sheet. (She can now fight her arms out which is not a bad thing at her age.) A light flannel sheet or cellular blankie on top when it's cooler in the nights. I don't know how long I can keep her wrapped though. Will try a grobag soon.

PS IMHO learn to swaddle. it will be a sleepsaver (yours) when she gets to 5/6 wks.

alux Thu 14-Jul-05 19:16:54

thinking back, swaddling is a sleepsaver from 3 wks old when they start to 'wake up' from that newborn state.

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