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Pain in the Aria to move?

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Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 21:51:21

I really like the look of this mams and papas buggy. It seems to tick all the boxes, but Kath4kids on here said that it was awful to manuavere. Has anyone else found this, or is it a case of getting used to? Hoping DP might have some overtime cash to fund said buggy!

Flossam Wed 13-Jul-05 22:31:30

BUMP - I thought this was a clever title!! Silly old me!

Flossam Thu 14-Jul-05 11:11:49

Whiney BUMP again. sorry!

Bethron Thu 14-Jul-05 11:14:30

Message withdrawn

Bethron Thu 14-Jul-05 11:17:38

Message withdrawn

Flossam Thu 14-Jul-05 19:54:17

Thanks Bethron! I did have a quick go, but was mindful of the fact that I am used to how mine pushes IYSWIM. Have to take DP to look at it and convince him we need one! Do you use it as an every day buggy?

Bethron Thu 14-Jul-05 23:11:27

Message withdrawn

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 12:45:32

Thanks Bethron!

milge Fri 15-Jul-05 12:48:08

You need to try it out with toddler on board to find out if its ok for you - they are really light without anyone sitting in!

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 12:48:59

Will a 8 month old do the trick Milge?

milge Fri 15-Jul-05 12:51:59

Yes,unless you can borrow a 2/3 year old for an hour or two- I know of two going spare if you are in Wales, but failing that, put a couple of books or something in the shopping basket too. You don't want any nasty shocks once you have convinced dh to get one.

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 12:52:00

I had one and didn't like it. My gripes are.....

* It felt flimsy and the seat was too short.

* The 2 back positions were no good for dd as lying flat was 'too flat', and there is no adjustable calf support (like there is on umberella fold buggies) so older babies/young toddlers end up lay back but with their legs hanging down as they would be in a sitting position, IYSWIM. Not comfy. The sitting up one was bolt upright, so again no good for dd as she liked to be slightly reclining but not flat.

* The wheels were too small, which i found resulted in a bumpy and awkward to steer ride

* The hood was too small, rubbish for any sort of shade/protection

* It was not padded at all, much too hard and it didn't fit the M&P footmuffs/cosytoes thing so I had to cut holes in a brand new fotmuff to make it fit .

So, in summary, I hate it because it is not comfortable enough for a baby and not big enough for a toddler.

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 12:58:29

Thanks NDP, thats interesting. The website says multi position recline So either it is wrong or perhaps they have updated? I like it for the tray and the basket, really but obviously not so keen if it is unconfortable. And I have already seen what you mean about the wheels. Hadn't given too much thought to the hood. Do you think the pulse would have been better for you?

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 14:09:01

Possibly, although, i just bought a mothercare all singing all dancing umbrella fold for £90, which did the job brilliantly.

It may well have been updated on the recline sitation, but it used to adjusted by 2 zips - zipped up was bolt upright, zip down was flat. I suppose 2 positions is multi.... (assuming 'multi' is more than one...)

The seat just feels preey hard and cardboardy, IYSWIM. It's smooth (no lumps and bumps) but it is hard, not great for anything other than occasional short trips to the shops, IMO.

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 14:13:09

NdP, would it be really cheeky to have a link to your new buggy? I really did get it wrong with our first travel system (wide weighs a ton etc etc) and I really want to get a new one spot on! We haven't the cash to go buying another really!

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 14:14:32

It's not new, and has been discontinued now, it was the Rhumba. I'll have a look at the m'care site and see what I can find...

Bethron Fri 15-Jul-05 14:34:35

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 14:42:50

The Mothercare one I bought was very similar to the Chicco Winter London . It came with...

5 point harness
Washable covers
Bigger than average stroller wheels for better ride
3 position adjustable foot rest/calf support
5 position recline
Umbrella fold

Was a brilliant buy

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 14:43:22

I know the thing you mean, Bethron, It's like a plastic strap guide.

Bethron Fri 15-Jul-05 14:46:37

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 14:48:54

I had 9 for DD , she gave her buggy up at 2, so that's 9 in less than 2 years.... Oh the shame.... I'm over it now though

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 17:42:28

NdP that one looks good! Thank you, I shall try and see if I can find that one in any shops to give it a bit of a push about etc. Cheaper than the mamas and papas so DP might be more easily convinced too! Thank you again.

NomDePlume Fri 15-Jul-05 18:15:29

Socci Fri 15-Jul-05 18:42:48

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Sat 16-Jul-05 11:12:36

Wanted to try all the diff types, never did find the 'perfect' one mind you

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