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Looking for a garden toy that is an elephant that spouts out butterflies you have to catch with a net

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Blossomhill Wed 13-Jul-05 17:13:51

Any idea where I can find one? Thanks

Ladymuck Wed 13-Jul-05 17:19:42

Presumably you've seen one somewhere?

misdee Wed 13-Jul-05 17:20:17


sparklymieow Wed 13-Jul-05 17:20:57


Blossomhill Wed 13-Jul-05 17:21:14

Ladymuck - yeah, just sufffering from short term memory loss

Misdee - that's the one, thanks

CarolinaMoon Wed 13-Jul-05 17:21:56

LOL at this thread title

haven't seen one.

sounds fantastic though!

have you tried googling it?

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 17:22:05

You can get it in woolies. DD has got one and its not very good!! The idea is brill but the fan isnt quite strong enough to blow the butterflies out. I can't remember if we kept it or not when we moved. If we did you can have it if you like - its brand new...

Blossomhill Wed 13-Jul-05 17:24:28

googled it but can't find one in England, all American suppliers

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 17:25:06

Thought it was something you'd dreamt by that description!

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 17:26:03


Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:26:26

BH its on the toys r us website

katierocket Wed 13-Jul-05 17:26:45

LOl blossomhill, you've made me what to buy that!

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:27:27

toys r us

misdee Wed 13-Jul-05 17:27:35

we had it, but the butterflies flew away. lol.

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