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air conditioning unit...Help!!

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leahbump Wed 13-Jul-05 11:14:39

anyone have a mobile air con unit?

Does it work?

ds is just not sleeping and our fans just don't seem to be keeping him cool enough. the top floor (2cnd) of our house is so hot and I'm concerned when baby arrives we won't be able to keep it cool enough!!

Oh and do you have to have a hose on an air con unit??

totally at al loss as I'm dense when it comes to these things but I'm 8 months gone, ds isn't sleeping and dh has a phd deadline


Weatherwax Wed 13-Jul-05 11:49:54

Ours have hose vents which go out of the window. Because we have child locks to stop the window from opening too far H has set them up so we have a foam round the open windows where the hose does not go. And we have cardboard for our new one at the mo.

These are brill the bouse is really nice to be in when these have been running awhile. We now have one in our living room one in our bed room and one on the stairs. The one we have brought this year is in the kitchen (hurray I can actually cook something in this heat). H likes to buy one a year!

catgirl Wed 13-Jul-05 12:03:24

got ours from Robert Dyas two years ago - it is great. Doesn't have a hose, but you have to have the windows open to get air flow - ours is on our landing, so bathroom window (behind it) and bedroom windows (in front of it) are both open - does that make sense? You put water in it so that the air is cooled by the fan blowing over the water (or something like that)

anyway it is great. Link (I hope):

air cooler

spacedonkey Wed 13-Jul-05 12:07:33

DP was given an air con unit by a friend but we can't work out how to use it! It sounds similar to the one catgirl describes (except it's bigger) - no hose and you have to put water or ice in it. We had it on for 6 hours in the bedroom last night and it made no difference

any tips?

catgirl Wed 13-Jul-05 12:15:43

no tips.... ummm ours has two dials, one for fan speed, one for temp... water goes in at the back... you have probably tried all this...sorry. Can you remember what make? Ours really is great - I wouldn't be able to sleep without it now (our top floor is airless at this time of year)

spacedonkey Wed 13-Jul-05 12:18:29

I will try it with open windows - I kept the window shut last night, so maybe that was the problem! Thanks catgirl

Weatherwax Wed 13-Jul-05 12:18:52

With the hose ones you shut all the windows possible which keeps the cool air in. So it has a lovely build up although I annoy H by opening the doors sometimes during the day to get the shaded air in from our garden. Just recently the air outside has been so horrid I havent done this.

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