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best buy carpet shampooer?

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triplets Wed 13-Jul-05 09:44:27

Need to get one, can anyone suggest one that is reasonably priced?

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 09:49:45

we have a vax..its a black wet n dry one which is great. Think it was about £120 ish but well worth it

Nbg Wed 13-Jul-05 09:51:39

Bissel light cost me £90 from QVC on-line although they're in Argos now.

GeorginaA Wed 13-Jul-05 17:19:46

We have this Bissell - £138 from Tesco and it does a pretty good job. It doesn't heat the water up (you put in warm water from the tap) but does have a carpet beater bar thing and a fairly good suction to get the water back out (you still have damn carpets but not sodden when its done). The bissell liquid wash isn't cheap, but does a fairly good job.

Do be aware though that it's a CLEANER not a STAIN REMOVER. My usual ritual is to go around with a stain remover first (like vanish), let it do its job, then wash the carpet with the cleaner. You will need to air the room well when you're done.

triplets Thu 14-Jul-05 11:22:26

Thank you all, I will start looking around.

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