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mooncup is here!

(10 Posts)
giraffeski Tue 12-Jul-05 19:43:54

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Tue 12-Jul-05 19:45:14

PMSL! I was going to get one of these...then got pg! May get one after DB arrives though Have none of the icky ew problems some people do

compo Tue 12-Jul-05 19:46:05

don't use it with white trousers!!!!

ks Tue 12-Jul-05 19:47:58

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Tue 12-Jul-05 19:49:44

Only if you want to nobble your dh for life, ks

giraffeski Tue 12-Jul-05 20:00:47

Message withdrawn

ks Tue 12-Jul-05 20:02:28

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Tue 12-Jul-05 20:07:50

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Tue 12-Jul-05 20:11:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ks Tue 12-Jul-05 20:25:01

Message withdrawn

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