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Will I get my money back ???????

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nutcracker Tue 12-Jul-05 19:03:31

Brought a swimming pool from Asda today. It has an inflatable slide, sprinkler and hopp game thingy with it, but i'm not happy with it.

First thing that unimpressed me was that the slide is crap. I know it's inflatable but it's just collapses as soon as even Ds steps on it and so is no use as a slide at all.
Secondly, it has an rainbow arch thing which seems to be deflating. I have blown it up twice and it's going down again i'm sure. Have checked for holes but can't find one.

Anyway, I want to take it back, but i dont want to swap it for another one the same, and also don't want to swap it for another one of theirs as there wasn't another one i liked.

Am I entitled to my money back ???????

vickiyumyum Tue 12-Jul-05 19:06:50

not sure, although asda are normally quite good at giving refunds as they have that 100% satisfaction gurantee thingy!

i would take it back saying not happy with teh quality of the item, it defaltes etc etc and if you have your receiipt i'm sure that they will refund you.

MrsGordonRamsay Tue 12-Jul-05 19:08:04

Can't see why not, under the Sale of Goods Act the goods should be fit for the purpose for which they were sold.


starlover Tue 12-Jul-05 19:18:05

i don't think you;'ll necessarily have any luck with the slide thing, because being inflatable it's pretty likely that it won't bear much weight anyway!

however!... if part of it is deflating then it is faulty and yes, you would be entitled to your money back

nutcracker Tue 12-Jul-05 19:59:04

Yep part of it is definatly deflating. Have just gone out to collapse it and the Rainbow bit is flat.

I have my receipt so i'll take it in and see what they say.

nutcracker Wed 13-Jul-05 16:37:23

Just to let you know, I got my money back and got the bright pink car shaped pool from ELC for £20

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