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Does anyone have a Mamas and Papa Aria double buggy? Are they any good?

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oliveoil Tue 12-Jul-05 12:54:35

I am thinking of getting one, have Mothercare Tandam double but it weighs a TON and this one seems v light.

Can you get into shop doorways?


cas73 Tue 12-Jul-05 14:48:33

Have one and it's great. When I used it (I don't any more) it was so easy to push, very light, and never had a problem fitting through (except from one specific changing room ...). Would definetely recommend it.

oliveoil Tue 12-Jul-05 15:17:31

ooooh thanks for posting cas73. How old were your children? Dd1 is just over 2.5 and dd2 is 10 months, how long can I stick dd1 in for?

I have investigated buggy boards to no avail, the only pram they fit on is my McClaren and I can't fit anything under that.

cas73 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:38:58

I got mine when dd2 was born (dd1 was 15months). Used it until dd1 was 2.2 I think. After that she dedn't really want to be in a buggy, so she either walked, or she now jumps on the back of my citisport on the basket rim. I tried buggyboards but she is a bit too young to hold on tight, so leaning on the handle of the citisport works better (she is now 2.7).
For 10 months and 2.5 years I don't really think it's worth the expense (plus it's going to be a bit heavy soon...)

cas73 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:40:10

To answer you question, if dd1 wanted to go in it, she still fits fine. Just saw a friend with a 3 year old boy in it and there was still room to grow!!

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