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Digital Phones

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DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 08:46:36

Can anyone recommend a digital phone set, preferably that comes with at least 2 handsets and that has an answerphone.

I've got a BT one at the mo and it's never been that good. No-one I know thats actually got a digital one is that happy with what they've got either so I thought i'd ask you lot.


DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 11:02:45


DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 15:41:43


Iklboo Mon 11-Jul-05 15:45:10

Sorry Delgirl. We're not too happy withours either! It's crackly & crappy and the reception is pretty poor. Some days we think we'd be better off with 2 tin cans and a bit of string.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 11-Jul-05 15:49:16

We have Onetel with four handsets. It has speakerphone, intercom and answering machine(although we use the answering service on our line).

It works fine, but you have to be diligent about replacing the handsets on their cradles as the battery life isn't long.

lou33 Mon 11-Jul-05 16:03:05

we got a quad ntl set from ebay, with answerphone, have you looked there?

Janh Mon 11-Jul-05 16:05:08

We have a Panasonic set which is fab, DG, I'll try and find you a link.

Janh Mon 11-Jul-05 16:19:15

It's this one - OMG, just looked a bit further and it's about £40 cheaper here , and I thought the first one was cheap - we paid about £100 for a twin pack without a TAM. They have extra handsets too for £39.99 .

It is relatively expensive but extremely good and the memory holds 200 numbers. (NB We don't have a TAM so I can't vouch for that, we did have a BT Synergy one before and that was fairly poor.)

lilaclotus Mon 11-Jul-05 16:22:53

we have a set of binatone ones (MD2600) and they're excellent.

DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 19:11:56

oh goody, some phones for me to look at. cheers everyone.

btw Jan, off topic, DD wore the spotty outfit you kindly sent her today together with the maching hat. She looked fab in it and i;ve taken a photo. I will send you a copy when I get it developed . gotta go, dd screaming!

Satine Mon 11-Jul-05 19:29:47

Our BT one is pretty crap, frankly. People say we go very quiet at times! I've heard Panasonic ones are good, but expensive. I think we'll go for one of those next time.

DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 20:22:50

I think the bt ones are so Janh, i'm going to trust your judgement and go for the panasonic. That 1 that is £70 is ex display apparently though I can't see how if they're online sales!!! Anyway, looked at the normal list and they're all reduced. Gonna phone up for it though. Thanks for that

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