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A CHALLENGE for all of you that are good at editing photos.............please help me

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RTKangaMummy Sun 10-Jul-05 23:30:14

Here is a link to a photo of a church

I would like the green wheelie bin and the car and the road REMOVED

So the photo starts at the pavement on other side of the road IYSWIM

Please help me

Can it be done?

If you can do it and then email it to me, then that would be DEFFO BRILL or post it again in photobox or simular

here is the photo



Done Sun 10-Jul-05 23:36:16

done it but dont have photobox or similar

starlover Sun 10-Jul-05 23:36:56

rtkm i have posted it on member porofiles
not sure if it's what you mean tohugh!

Janh Sun 10-Jul-05 23:43:58

I know what you mean, Kanga - you want the whole pic but with stone wall filling in for car and bin.

Dunno how to do it but bump it tomorrow, I bet there'll be somebody here then who can do it!

RTKangaMummy Sun 10-Jul-05 23:46:55

yes kind of SL has done it but without arch

really silly idea to take a photo for a website with a bin and car in the way

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 00:04:41

BTW the final picture will be in BLACK and WHITE if that makes it easier

So if the bottom includes some of the pavement please.

SaintGeorge Mon 11-Jul-05 00:06:20

See thread in Member Profiles RT.

Janh Mon 11-Jul-05 00:06:28

Kanga, StG has done it on another thread - she is good! here

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 00:20:29

here is one that DONE has done


Thankyou all of you for helping me soooooooo quickley

RTKangaMummy Thu 14-Jul-05 19:48:21



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