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Vauxhall Zafira's again - following on from PR's please car experts

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Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 17:49:09

We're also looking to change out car this summer and the Zafira seems to best tick all our boxes. We were thinking of spending around the same amount as peccarollover, maybe a little more for later model with shoulder belts on all seats.
Am verrrrry nervous of buying from anyone who isn't a proper vauxhall dealership though as have been stung before when buying off a 'deals on wheels' type dealer. Am happy to pay a bit more for peace of mind iyswim.
Am going to look at a 2005 model next week. It is their demonstration model so is more or less new. The cost is £10,500 (ouch). The model is called a 'breeze' and it's a 1.6, with air con, CD player etc as standard.
So, is this a good price/deal, or would I be better looking for an 03 model which will be cheaper, and probably won't have too high a mileage either. We've never had a car this new before, but think we could manage the repayments on this amount (with px and a dep of around £1000) over 4-5 years as there are loads of good deals around on finance atm - much better than when we bought our current car 3 years ago. Any advice would be appreciated as this is a total minefield to me! TIA

purpleturtle Sun 10-Jul-05 17:58:49

I'm no expert. Not even an interested amateur. But I happened to punch in the details of our Zafira yesterday to find out how much it would sell for at the moment, and it came up at about £7500. It's an 02 'Elegance'. £10,500 for an 05 doesn't strike me as an awful lot more - but I am fully prepared to be corrected. Shame hub2dee's probably otherwise occupied, isn't it?!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 10-Jul-05 18:06:46

Have a look at - it gives the list prices for all models (or used to - have to go so no time to check.

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 18:13:51

That's what I was thinknig Pt - though I'm no expert either. Where is a hub when you need him? Hopefully changing a nappy or whatever.

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Jul-05 18:14:34

Message withdrawn

purpleturtle Sun 10-Jul-05 18:15:17

I've just read the other thread, Aero, and realise that I'm comparing an Elegance, which is a little bit higher spec

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:06:08

Is there a site where I can read the specs on all zafira's since 2003?

vickiyumyum Sun 10-Jul-05 19:07:00

i think thath sounds like a good deal, these demo car can be a bargain. we just got a brand new, 26 miles on the clock ford focus for £7499 as oppsed to £14500 for a brand new 'unregistered' one!
i would say go with the new one, you'll have no mot for a couple of years or more, guarantees/warantees etc (just check that these are worth having) and hopefull the fact that you have brought it ata greatly reduced price may mean that you lose less money on the resale value.

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:19:58

The only thing that slightly concerned me was that we wnet to a motor show locally yesterday ust to have a look and the dealers of where we're going to look at this car next week were there. I mentioned it to them (as I'd been on the phone earlier to one of their sales staff who said the car was virtually brand new) and he said it would 'only' have six or seven thousand miles on the clock. Now either we were talking at crossed purposes, or I misheard him, but for a car that is in effect new, is that not a lot of miles to have on the clock of a demo car? Before he said that, I thought it sounded very good and tbh, I still think it's pretty good, but the mileage concerned me slightly. Obviously I'll know more next week when we go to view the car........or I guess I could call them tomorrow and clarify the mileage.

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:24:05

we wnt to the car supermarket in slough adn got an opel import

hmm whats it called

you dont get much fro your luxury imho

vickiyumyum Sun 10-Jul-05 19:26:36

tis called trade sale i think they have a website too i think!

i would def clarify mileage as that sound high particularly if it is an 05 car as that will be less than 6 months old. my ex demo car had 26 miles on the clock!

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:30:08

Is that the same as the zafira ff?

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:31:14

Yup - will call them tomorrow as I heard alarm bells ringing in my head when he said that! I mean, just how much can a car be used for demonstration?

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:31:25

its the european bran ndame

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:32:22

trade sales

thast it

it was Loads cheaper than the dealer ships

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:32:34

Actually, thinking back to what he said yesterday, I'm getting the impression that one of the garage people might use the car for personal use - could be totally wrong though. Will def call tomorrow.

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 19:35:10

Ahhhhhh - may I ask how much it was?
I think you're probably right ff in terms of what you get for your luxury. Am just wary of places like supermarkets as I know little to nothing about cars myself. What are they like if there is a problem for example?

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:36:12

no idea it was thre years ago

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:36:38

no idea
it was several thou cheaper
woill ask dh in a min
he si grumpy today

cadbury Sun 10-Jul-05 19:38:04

Oooo. Will be watching this. I'd love a Zafira. Our quickly slimming friend would be very jealous too!

fishfinger Sun 10-Jul-05 19:43:26

dh says trade sales was 1k less than the cheapest dealership
they only offer oyu one years warranty you use at your vauxhall dealer ship.

try a bit of haggling betweent he two

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 20:26:57

Think I will - dh reckons if he's going to spend that much money, then the least they can do is throw in a lock for the spare wheel! Won't buy the first one I see then (unless it is best value of course).
That friend, Cadbury, has a lovely car, but I like the idea that the extra seats are stored in the car and not in my overflowing house or minging shed. Also like the fact that I can still have six seats (which is mostly how mant I'll need when little friends come for tea) and still have some sort of a boot.

Janh Sun 10-Jul-05 20:39:13

Aero, Honest John's car by car index gives you details of the changes in each new model (seatbelt improvements etc)

Aero Sun 10-Jul-05 20:58:20

Aaaah that's great Jan - that's what i was looking for earlier but couldn't find. Cheers.

Aero Mon 11-Jul-05 10:08:04 experts - any around today for this total novice? can't find anything on a model called 'breeze'.

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