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so how do i know what tog rating to get for dd3 grow bag?

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misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:22:13

after her kciking her blankets off for the 3rd night in a row and waking up a bit chilly, am going to get her a sleeping/grow bag thing. but what tog do i need? and how many should i get? is it worth buying 2-3 in case of accidents and not able to get them dry in time?

Tommy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:32:28

If yiou get them fron Gro-Bag company you get 10% discount if you buy two. Depends on how warm the room is - DSs have always on ever had 1 tog for winter and half a tog for summer.

spursmum Sat 09-Jul-05 18:32:41

Always worth getting 2 lovie!! ds loved his!! best to get the medium tog (8.5 i think) as if they get too cold you can add a blanket and take them out in the summer! Hows things going for you this weekend?

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:33:02

my room is pretty warm, gets the evening sun.

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:34:01

not too great spursmum, few setbacks. and kids driving me potty.

spursmum Sat 09-Jul-05 18:35:49

That should be in the kids job desciption!! make your parents carzy in record time. Things will be fine you'll see!

Puff Sat 09-Jul-05 18:36:28

I think they come in 3 togs:

0.5 - really warm weather
1.0 - warm weather
2.5 - colder weather

If you are interested, I think I still have a 6-18 months 2.5 tog one which ds2 has grown out of.
CAT me if you'd like it (I don't want any money for it) and I can send it to you for when the weather is cooler (not that it's v hot at the mo!) It's a Peter Rabbit design, so not ultra girly - more unisex .

I only ever have one, but always throw it in the tumble dryer (never shrinks or fades)if there's an accident.

spursmum Sat 09-Jul-05 18:36:29

cant spell!! meant crazy!!

Puff Sat 09-Jul-05 18:38:25

Just checked on the website - 2.5 tog is for "standard nursery temperature of 16-18 degrees".

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:39:05

wil lgo for the 1 tog then lol.

best palce to buy?

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:39:22

spursmum you;ve sdeen my typos lol.

spursmum Sat 09-Jul-05 18:41:33

God your typing is worse than mine. Mothercare does their own sleeping bags, john lewis do grobags at £20. best thing ever invented i say!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:42:07

asda have some lovely pink 1 tog ones for £10

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:49:25

will pop to john lewis next week, or order online. the ones on bumpto3 seem a bit pricey. do they have a good resale value?

hunkermunker Sat 09-Jul-05 18:53:55

Kiddicare do them cheap usually.

hunkermunker Sat 09-Jul-05 18:54:41

There you go, Misdee

Millie1 Sat 09-Jul-05 19:26:49

Misdee ... Bump to Three here have some good discounts at the moment. Also, these people generally do them a bit cheaper than Bump to 3.

BTW, DS's room is around 25 deg c tonight and he'll be in a 1.5 tog with only a vest on. Same all sumnmer - even when 20 deg in room. So def recommend lighter bag with warmer tog for winter and a couple so as to have spare in case of the inevitable leaky nappies!

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