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Ideas needed in 10 mins!!!!! male and female pressie up to £20 each.

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essbee Sat 09-Jul-05 11:09:17

Message withdrawn

popsycal Sat 09-Jul-05 11:14:21

book token


charleepeters Sat 09-Jul-05 11:16:04

photo frames are always a safe bet, or gift tokens for teh house - garden???

essbee Sat 09-Jul-05 11:19:27

Message withdrawn

charleepeters Sat 09-Jul-05 11:23:13

Maybe get the male a cheapish modle car???
Female - shopping bag? or deffo vouvhers to her fave shop!

essbee Sat 09-Jul-05 11:26:28

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 09-Jul-05 15:50:07

Message withdrawn

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