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Official Argentina Polo Shirt

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Hulababy Thu 07-Jul-05 22:05:00

It is Dh's birthday in a couple of weeks or so and he mentioned that he quite fancied these shirts.

It is an official polo shirt for the Argentine polo team.

But I don't seem to be able to find any online.

Can anyone help?


Hulababy Fri 08-Jul-05 16:54:00


MrsBoo Fri 08-Jul-05 17:09:42

Hi Hulababy
i think you can get them here:
Sorry i can't do a proper link

Hulababy Fri 08-Jul-05 17:15:54

Will try, thanks.

Hulababy Fri 08-Jul-05 17:17:11

Yes they have them here. Quite expensive at £90 a go though At least i can tell him I found one though. Thanks

MrsBoo Fri 08-Jul-05 17:27:57

That's a lot for a poloshirt don't you think? I'll ask my sis at the weekend, she knows all things horsey, and should know of another supplier.

Hulababy Fri 08-Jul-05 17:28:45

I think so too, but have no idea if it is standard price or not. Suspect so as these things are always expensive. Not sure he is getting one though now. LOL!

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