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oh pants

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misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 20:53:40

i just put in a low bid for a quinney a#zapp, didnt relasie it was multiple auction. eeek!! i could win, means i'd have to sell two buggies.

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 20:56:24

i think a multiple auction just means they have more than one to sell.
ie if they're selling 3 then the 3 highest bidders all get one... you don't get all 3!

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 20:57:22

i know. but i thought it was just one item and i wouldnt win.

ah well. it better fit the maxi cosi car seat i have here for taxi journeys etc.

Yorkiegirl Thu 07-Jul-05 20:57:28

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:01:41

8mins to go, and strill not outbid

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:02:07

how much is it going for?

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:02:35

74 atm with 20 p+p

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:04:14

oh that's not too bad is it.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:04:42

as a general rule i dont liek travel system,s and usually avoid them, but with no car atm am relying on cabs a lot, and hate being without a car sear.

ja9 Thu 07-Jul-05 21:11:41

well? did you get it?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:11:47

i don't either... but can see how they're useful!

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:12:56


ja9 Thu 07-Jul-05 21:13:18


starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:13:56

show us show us! what colour is it?

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:16:21


misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:17:25

wont sell my citisport till i kow the car seat definatly fits.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:18:37

i was a bit naughty and bumnped it up a fiver in the last 20secs.

ja9 Thu 07-Jul-05 21:20:17

i think it looks ace.

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:20:28

lol... beware of customs charges though seeing as it's coming from germany!

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:20:55

i know eeek!!

i didnt check that till afterwards

ah well.

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:21:36

if the seller puts that it's a gift on the form then you should be ok.. otherwise you may end up paying vat and stuff.

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:21:57

still.. probably still less than buying one from a retailer

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:23:08

john lewis had them for £150. was pushing dd2 in one round the shop, and she weighs 40lb, and you couldnt feel that she was in it. was very impressed.

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:26:59

that's excellent then! what will you do with dd2 if you have dd3 in buggy? does she walk?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:27:14

they should do a double zapp!

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