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Interlocking spongy mats for floors

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highlander Thu 07-Jul-05 17:19:28

AArrgh - they were all the rage in Canada, and we stupidly assumed we could easily get them here!

Basically, you buy metre square mates that slot together (jigsaw stylee) to cover hardwood floors.

DS has whacked his head twice since coming home

Any ideas? WalMart sold them, but not Asda over here apparently

cas73 Thu 07-Jul-05 17:23:19

I don't know if they are as big as a meter sq., but elc has them at their website (very rarely at the shops though). They are called something like recreation mats and are 10 pounds for 4.

cas73 Thu 07-Jul-05 17:24:24

Ooops! I meant here

foxinsocks Thu 07-Jul-05 17:25:39

you can get them in ELC

foxinsocks Thu 07-Jul-05 17:26:50

ah see that's exactly what cas said!!

I bought 3 packs to put under our paddling pool (as we only have patio and I didn't want them slipping and cracking their heads open)

bran Thu 07-Jul-05 17:38:57

I have the alphabet mat from here . It's more expensive though as the mats are smaller than the ELC (about 35-40 cm, I have to measure to be sure).

highlander Fri 08-Jul-05 11:04:53

ladeez, you are wonderful - they are exactly what we need!! Hundred thanks from DS and his bruised head

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