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Where can I get petite shoes from ?

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poppy101 Thu 07-Jul-05 09:08:44

Hi still looking for size 2 shoes to fit me ? Have tried online, but don't want to pay out huge price for postage incase they don't fit as I have very small feet. Any idea where I can get shoes made up, anyone know of anywhere near to South Wales ? was thinking there might be somewhere in Bristol or Glos. or Bath area ? Anyone know of anywhere that might sell expensive shoes in small sizes or where I can get shoes made up for me ??

Obviously I don't want childrens shoes as they dont have the style and dont last very well and dont fit properly.

mckenzie Thu 07-Jul-05 09:11:02

I 'll ask my neighbour when she returns from holiday where she gets her shoes from as she's only a size 2 aswell but always has lovely shoes on.

nailpolish Thu 07-Jul-05 09:13:20

hi poppy im a small shoe too, i sometimes get sizes in barratts, not usually in stock but they can order. dorothy perkins too

ggglimpopo Thu 07-Jul-05 09:27:39

Message withdrawn

poppy101 Thu 07-Jul-05 12:15:48

Have tried barratts, they stock online, but there isn't a great choice and they can have shoes that a little plain and often have shoes that are very high heeled, okay if you go out to work in an office or go out every night, but not practical for a mum at home.

Didn't know about dperkins though, will take a look!

21stcenturygirl Thu 07-Jul-05 12:48:03

Hurrah - I'm not alone. I have size 2 feet as well. I always find Next Size 35 fit me but you do have to hunt around the models to find them. Also Brantano seem to be stocking size 2 (and smaller) as well. Other than that, I just hunt around in the sales at Carvella for Size 2. Mind you I am struggling at the moment for a pair of black shoes with a small heel for work.

florenceuk Thu 07-Jul-05 21:56:59

I also have small feet (size 35) and life is a constant search for nice shoes.

Jones Bootmaker stock some size 35s - you can do an advanced search by size, I think they have some work-type shoes in stock. I also occasionally search on the Camper site to see what is available, but they can come up large, so have to be careful which model you buy, so I tend to go to the store - the Pelotas are fine for me, also the Less style.

I also found this site: selve which apparently makes to order, although I haven't yet tried them out - I would like to though! You have to visit London for a fitting though first, but then you are set for life....

poppy101 Fri 08-Jul-05 07:08:52

Apparently though a size 35 is not a size 2, I am actually a size 34 which makes it harder, 33.5 is a 1 and a half and 34 is a size 2.

Will look at the sites mentioned.

Jbck Sat 09-Jul-05 13:49:56

Tesco Florence & Fred shoes a 35 is a small made 3, which is my size.
I do find Ravel girls shoes quite nice because a lot of stores only get one or two 3's in per style & I usually miss out or they're biggish made. I've only ever had 2 pairs of shoes from Next as their 3's are quite big & I've never seen a 2 in the stores. Ravel also order in.
Jones the Bootmakers will order too. Have you tried John Lewis, I suppose it depends on what sort of style you're looking for too.
Good Luck tiny toes

omnivore Sun 01-Nov-09 17:35:50

you could try

they have masses of small shoes and petite shoes


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