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Swim nappies Vs Re-useable nappy-swim-cossie thingy?

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tamula Wed 06-Jul-05 20:36:20

Which do you use and where can I buy them, ooo and how much please?

Searched high and low for swim nappies but cant find them anywhere let alone those cossie nappy things.

Tissy Wed 06-Jul-05 20:38:25

What do you need, tamula? I have 2 girls' swim nappies in bright pink! One is for 6 - 12 months, and one a bit bigger.

Bet you have a boy

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 20:41:37

you can get re-usable swim nappies from boots or mothercare.

or online from php, jojomamanbebe, blooming marvellous

tamula Wed 06-Jul-05 20:43:05

Pefecto many thanks!!!

I have a girl tissy!! How much dya want missy tissy?

Tissy Wed 06-Jul-05 20:47:22

How about £2.50 for either of them including postage?

They're very lightly used (and definitely never pooed in)as dd was a complete wuss about going in the swimming pool, so i didn't bother for about 2 years!

CAT me if you're interested. The small one is a Floaties Aquanappy, which is basically a snug-fitting pair of waterproof pants. The larger one is made by Kooshies, and is rather more like a nappy in that it fastens with velcro either side.

tamula Wed 06-Jul-05 20:52:33

Will cat you now, you'll probably get it tomorrow. Thanx!!!

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