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What are the best 'Doctor's toys' ?

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morningpaper Wed 06-Jul-05 20:27:55

Dd loves playing Doctors but most of the doctor's sets I've seen have been really cheap plastic crap. Are there any nice sets on the market?

Dahlia Wed 06-Jul-05 20:34:22

Toys R Us used to do a nice one, plastic but quite hard wearing, and worth buying for the epic doctors glasses alone!

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 20:34:44

DS2 loves his plastic cr*p one TBH. It's made by Klein (?) but was bought by ILs in Spain. Fairly sturdy plastic cr*p

Lonelymum Wed 06-Jul-05 20:35:02

The ELC one is very disappointing. Steer clear!

Furball Wed 06-Jul-05 20:36:21

Agree about the ELC one, really poor.

Lonelymum Wed 06-Jul-05 20:40:18

Can you make up one of your own? I was just thinking, you could cut up real bandages to make them dolly sized, use those droppers you get with baby medicine for a syringe, what else? Do you dye your hair? With the hair dye I use, you get a little plastic pot with the rubber gloves in which would make a marvellous pill box.

Janh Wed 06-Jul-05 20:42:08

We used to have a properish stethoscope, with a metal thingy on the end and rubber tubes - not part of a set - oooh, look here (scroll down) it's £5.99 but it works really well (if you get one don't let anybody tap the listening bit when you have the earpieces in, it hurts!)

swiperfox Wed 06-Jul-05 20:47:29

I bought dd a real stethescope from ebay. It was only 5/6quid and it's brill - she's amazed by it and it helps when we go to the doctors now because when he wants to listen to her chest she knows exactly what he doing!

Yorkiegirl Wed 06-Jul-05 20:49:29

Message withdrawn

Dior Wed 06-Jul-05 20:49:33

Message withdrawn

tamum Wed 06-Jul-05 20:50:55

We've got a Klein one too, although it was from somewhere in the UK (Tridias, maybe?) Plastic but sturdy, still going strong after 7 years

Janh Wed 06-Jul-05 20:56:41

We used to have 2 FP ones, I got rid - never occurred to me they'd stop doing them!

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